What’s up with Azerbaijan? – The national final still to be confirmed!

After numerous semifinals and an extra semifinal in Azerbaijan, the last extra semifinal which was expected to held on the 28th of January was cancelled. The first explanation was owing to the grand final to be held on the 2nd of February, but the latest announcement suggests that plans have been changed yet again.

After the inexplicable cancellation of the extra semifinal, some of the foreign artists such as Nicola Barkley decided to give up on their attempts in the Azeri national final. Milli Seçim Turu’s date has also been changed, according to the latest announcement of official broadcaster İçtimai TV.

We reported that Azeri final was to be held on the 2nd of February (tonight) some long time ago, "the exact date of the national final has not yet been determined, some portals even claim that it will be on the 4th of February" ITV reported to EuroVisionary. As there was no extra semifinal held on the 28th of January, the current list of 5 participants will be viewed on the stage:

  1. İlhamə Qasımova,
  2. Eldar Qasımov,
  3. İlqarə İbrahimova,
  4. Aynişan Quliyev
  5. Nigar Camal 

According to the broadcaster, İçtimai TV is preparing to present a really nice show with some popular names for the viewers, including the names Aygün Kazımova and Aybeniz Haşımova. According to Tahir Mehmedov, director of the final stage of Milli Seçim Turu, this year all viewers will be able to see all solo concerts, as well as details of choreography in high quality.

The participants will perform numbers that have been chosen by an expert jury from all submitted entries and the lucky winner chosen by the same jury on the final night, will go on to defend the Azeri colours at the Fortuna Arena where the Eurovision Song Contest will take part this May.

The Azerbaijani national final ‘Milli Seçim Turu’ is expected to take place at the Haydar Aliyev Concert Arena which has 8000 capacity. The show will be aired by İçtimai TV and can be watched via internet or satellite Turksat 3A. The show can be also watched from Turkish TRT Avaz channel via internet or Turksat 3A. We will announce the details whenever these become available. 

Source: EuroVisionary
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