Nikola Barkley Is Given Wildcard in Azeri Selections

Nikola Barkley, who came second in the 3rd heats of the Azeri national finals last Friday, was given a wildcard so that she can participate in the Azeri national final.

The Azeri jury announced that Nikola Barkley deserved a place at the Azeri grand final. Because of this decision, an amazing American voice and Azeri talents will be heard on 2nd of February. So far, four names qualified for the final after the 3rd heat:

  • Chingiz Mustafayev
  • Nurlan Növresli
  • Günay İbrahimli
  • Nikola Barkley (Wilcdard)

The 4th heat of the Azeri national finals wil take place this friday. The show will start 18.00 CET and will be broadcasted by national broadcaster İçtimai TV directly via Satellite on Hotbird and Türksat 3A. The line up will be as follows:

•    Said Ismailzadeh
•    Aydan Rüstemova
•    Arzum Xelilova
•    Emilya Yaqubova
•    Ramin Quliyev
•    Çinare Nezerli
•    Milan Mammadov
•    Sabina Babayeva
•    Rahima Hasanalizadeh
•    Leyla Dadasova
•    Cavansir Haciyev

You can also watch Nikola’s wildcard winning performance below :

Source: EuroVisionary, İTV
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