Chingiz Mustafayev Wins 1st Leg of Azerbaijani Semi-Final

The Azerbaijani National Selection, which was also broadcast live from official broadcaster, Içtimai TV, has started with the first leg a couple of days ago. Chingiz Mustafayev (Cengiz Mustafayev) qualified for the final.

Seventy-seven songs were submitted with the aim of being the one who will represent Azerbaijan at the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf, Germany in 2011. The first leg of seven semi-finals was held a couple of ago. Chingiz Mustafayev qualified for the final from the first leg, where also one of last year’s participants, Next, also participated. The first leg results are:

1.    Chingiz Mustafayev – 12 points
2.    Adil Baxisli – 10 points
3.    Group Next– 8 points
4.    Zülfünaz Racabova – 7 points
5.    Aygün Ismayilova – 6 points
6.    Tofiq Haciyev – 5 points
7.    Xana Hasanova – 4 points
8.    Ülviyya Abasova – 3 points
9.    Gülçöhra Babayeva – 2 points

The second leg of the selection will be held this weekend and these are the participants:

•    Group East Groove
•    Fizza Nadirova
•    Sakine Nasirova
•    Emin Hasan
•    Nazrin Zarbaliyeva
•    Ülvi Rasidov  
•    Günay Alakbarova
•    Yegana Agayeva
•    Söla Safaraliyeva
•    Üliyya Talisinskaya
•    Nurlan Növrasli

The show will also be broadcast live by İçtimai TV this weekend, but not the exact date and time was announced officially Ictimai TV can be watched via the internet or via satellite. The previous leg also can be found on broadcaster’s web and you can watch by clicking here.

You can also watch Chingiz Mustafayev’s performance of the winning song ‘Duy Duy‘ below.

Source: Eurovisionary, İTV
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