Azerbaijani final – get to know the participants

After numerous semifinal heats of Milli Seçim Turu, national broadcaster İçtimai TV announced that preparations have been completed for the final show which will be held tomorrow.

The show will start at 18.00 CET tomorrow and can be viewed through various media. According to the national broadcaster, İçtimai TV will broadcast the show via İçtimai TV Azerbaijan, İçtimai TV Georgia and Turkish TRT Avaz and of course the official page of the contest will also air the show online.

The venue for the show will be the Azerbaijan Academic National Drum Theatre and is reported that the contest will be at least 3 hours long. There will be five participants competing for the grand prize of representing Azerbaijan:

  • Aynişan Quliyeva is the daughter of well known Azeri singer Aybeniz Hasımova, and was born in 1992 in Baku. In her semifinal she received 25.000 votes, about 10.000 more votes then any of the other winners of the semifinals. Quliyeva is considered the favourite to win the national final.
  • Ilqara Ibrahimova, who shone after her performance in the 6th semifinal of the Azeri selections where we remember her rendition of Hadise’s Düm Tek Tek. She qualified with winning by televote. 
  • Eldar Qasımov, a younger talent of Azerbaijan, has enjoyed a successful career for some time. He is well known as a singer of some Azerbaijani soundtracks. Eldar qualified for the final of Milli Seçim Turu from the 6th semi final, coming second at the end of the night. Eldar was awarded a wildcard for being jury favourite.
  • Ilhame Gasımova, the winner of the 7th semifinal in the selections, began her music career in 2000. She won the 4th edition of a talent show called Yeni Ulduz. She stated that she attempted to take part in the qualifications previously, however European producers only noticed her this year.
  • Nigar Jamal, is an Azeri singer who currently lives in London. She qualified for the final from 7th semifinal after being awarded a wildcard based upon a unanimous jury decision. The young talent also released a music video called My Way during the selections.

İçtimai TV has also announced that the show will start with a concert show, bringing together some popular names. This year’s Swiss representative Anna Rosinelli, San Marinese participiant Senit and worldwide known DJ David Vendetta will appear on the stage in this concert show. Last year’s Azerbaijani representative Safura Alizadeh and Georgian representative Sofia will also make appearances at the concert. 

Source: EuroVisionary, İçtimai TV
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