Azerbaijan President Releases a Circular for Venue of Eurovision Song Contest 2012

The Azerbaijani president, İlham Aliev, released a circular letter for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, which will be held in Azerbaijan next year. In this circular, Mr Aliev pinpointed his latest decisions for the venue. This includes the construction of an new arena.

Ilham Aliev, the president of Azerbaijan, signed a letter on 7th of July which was released later on. In that circular letter, Mr Aliev also gave an answer to the questions about the venue for the Eurovision Song to be held in Baku next year. Before releasing the letter, Mr Aliev said: "The latest decision I am taking concerns consideration of Article 109th of paragraph 32 of the Constitution of Azerbaijan Republic."

The articles of circular letter are:

•    A Sport-Concert Complex in Baku, to be built in accordance with international modern standards
•    The customer functions in the complex design and construction, arrangement and coordination and also in the process of construction of the complex’s work to be carried out by State Committee of Real Estate Matters of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

•    Azerbaijan Republic State Committee for Property Issues:
1.    …will co-ordinate the work with the Baku City Executive, for the creation of the complex with the choice of best land area and the reservation of this area;
2.    …will deal with the companies who have an experience such in the appropriate area for the construction of the complex, is selected on the basis of interviews, so that the contract with the contractor will connect directly to the professional execution of this contract.

•    The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan:
1.      …is related to the financing the construction of the complex within a month;
2.      …is related to everything no matter that the other solutions in this circular are written.

This circular pinpoints that a complex arena will be built in Baku, especially for the Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in Azerbaijan next year. The construction company will carry out construction issues to the State Committee for Property Issues of the Republic of Azerbaijan; the financing of the construction work was entrusted to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan’s commitment. 


The original example of the circular

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