Azerbaijan Prepares For Yet Another Semifinal Heat on the 28th January

After numerous semifinal heats, Azerbaijan has minimized the number of participiants still in the running from 9 to 5. Official broadcaster İçtimai TV is currently preparing for yet another extra semifinal heat to be held tomorrow.

According to Azeri news agency APA, national broadcaster İçtimai TV made for another change on the way to Düsseldorf. The number of participiants was aimed to minimize again with the new extra semifinal stage.

The names of those participating are:

  • Aynişan Quliyeva
  • Ilqara Ibrahimova
  • Eldar Gasimov
  • Ilhame Gasimova
  • Nigar Jamal
  • The show will take place tomorrow at 17.00 CET and it will be be televised by İçtimai TV. After this semifinal heat, only 3 of the 5 candidates will remain, who will then go on to participate in the grand semifinal which is planned to be held on 2nd of February.

    The number of submitted songs is currently reported to be 29:

    Vugar Babayev – 5 songs (Azerbaijan),
    Ulviyya Valiyeva – 1 song (Azerbaijan),
    Nargiz Safaraliyeva- 1 song (Azerbaijan),
    Nazim Pashaoglu – 1 song (Azerbaijan),
    Nadir Azimov – 3 songs (Azerbaijan),
    Rabiye Madatova – 1 song (Azerbaijan),
    José Juan Santana Rodríguez – 1 song (Spain),
    Manuel Ángel Moreno Pinilla – 1 song (Spain),
    Yiorgos Kalpakidis – 3 songs (Greece),
    Madalin Botezatu – 1 song (Romania),
    Sebastian Ivanov – 1 song (Australia),
    Noam Inbar and Isaac Mizrachi – 1 song (Ireland)
    Torfi Olafsson – 4 songs (Ireland),
    Micke Vennborn – 5 songs (Ireland),
    Madura Mate – lyrics only
    Kamran Cabbanov – lyrics only

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