Azerbaijan Announces Procedure of Their Journey to 2011

After the submission of 77 songs for the Azerbaijani national final, broadcaster İçtimai TV has announced the procedure of the final on the way to the Düsseldorf.

According to İçtimai TV’s official website, 77 songs have been submitted up to now and it has been decided to add all the songs to the national final race. As a result, there will be 7 different stages that the contestants will go through to the final with a combination of televoting and jury voting results.

The first semi-final will take place on 15th of November and it will continue with another semi-final weekly. Among the 77 participants, there are also well known names who will be participating on the road to Düsseldorf, such as German-based İsmail Seyrankhanov, American Barklay Nicola, Turkish arabesque singer, Cengiz Kurtoğlu, Adil from last year’s group Next (who were in the Azerbaijani National Final).

Last year, Azerbaijan had a disappointing 5th place with one of the favourites for victory, Safura’s Drip Drop. Azerbaijan also reached 3rd place in 2009 with Arash and Aysel’s Always. 

Source: Eurovisionary,
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