Aynişan Quliyeva Wins 5th Leg of Azerbaijani Semi-final Series

Last night, the Azerbaijani semi-final episodes continued with the fifth selection round. Aynişan Quliyeva took the ticket for the final, which will be held on 2nd of February.

It is confirmed that last night’s winner, 19 year old Aynişan Quliyeva, took the ticket for the final and she received more than 25 thousand SMSs. According to Azerbaijani media, Aynişan is popular as she is the daughter of retired Azerbaijani singer, Aybeniz Haşımova.

Another popular name, Emin Nesirli, who is known from popular TV show Azeri Star, came second. Though Cemile Haxımova lead the scoreboard after jury voting, the combined results took her back to third position. The final scoreboard shaped as:

1.    Aynishan Quliyeva – 12 points
2.    Emin Nasirlı – 10 points
3.    Cemila Haxımova – 8 points
4.    Ruşen Jivishov – 7points
5.    Orkhan Israfilov –   6points
6.    Altun Zeynalov – 5 points
7.    Gülnar Nabi-Chingiz – 4 points
8.    Empathy Group – 3 points
9.    Elmar Asgarov – 2 points
10.  Janana Zeynalova – 1 point
11.  Dinara Jafarova – 0 points

This is what the line-up for the Azerbaijani national final looks like so far:

•    Chingiz Mustafayev
•    Nurlan Növresli
•    Günay Ibrahimli
•    Nikola Barkley
•    Arzum Xelilova
•    Aynişan Quliyeva

Below you can watch Aynışan Quliyeva’s performance from last night:

Source: EuroVisionary, İçtimai Tv
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