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Kiev Will Host Junior Eurovision 2013

The Ukrainian capital has been chosen to host the 2013 Junior Eurovision Song Contest from all rest of the bids which were submitted. The experience that Kiev has in hosting EBU-UER events was a factor in their success. After taking a look at every bid for JESC 2013, EBU-UER’s reference group decided that Kiev will… Read more

Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko receive the golden tickets for Malmö

Albania have made their choice for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.  They will send Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko with the song Identiet.  The final took place in Tirana at the Palace Of Congresses. Former participants from Albania, Anjeza Shahini (ESC 2004) and Kejsi Tola (ESC 2009), were amongst the competitors tonight.  The song Më Ler Një Ëndërr… Read more

Spain left voiceless with the passing of José Luis Uribarri

Quédate Conmigo (Stay With Me), the Spanish entry of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is what Spain’s Eurovision fans claim to be José Luis Uribarri looking at heaven, as the Spanish commentator of many years finally passed away. José Luis Uribarri succumbed to the massive cerebral haemorrage that he suffered on Wednesday the 18th of July. After five… Read more

Željko Joksimović reluctant to perform on Eurovision stage again

Željko Joksimović speaks out to the Serbian press about his disappointment over the result in Baku. After coming third in Azerbaijan, the Balkan singer denies any future participation as a performer. Back in 2004, it was clear for most how Serbia & Montenegro could easily have won the Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul with the song Lane Moje, which… Read more

Barcelona will breathe Eurovision tomorrow celebrating the final that we have been waiting for

Barcelona have set aside Gaudí’s architecture for part of the celebrations for the final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.  Six hours of an amazing atmosphere are planned for an unforgettable night. Barcelona, the host city of the Olympics games back in 1992, wins  international recognition day after day amongst tourists. This reason and the fact… Read more

Max Jason Mai prays for Eurovision success

Slovakia made some changes to the performance today as Max Jason Mai took to the stage for his second rehearsal.  Max Mason Mai began his performance with just the spotlight on him.  Then the song explodes in to a heavy rock song.  The lights are really flashing and the stage is bursting with energy with Max and his band.  The… Read more

Turkey’s message: Love Me Back to the final

Can Bonomo has proven that he deserves a place in the final. Several changes have been made in an attempt to improve the catastrophic result from Düsseldorf 2011. The most important change is that the colours of the outfit will be white and grey, with capes featuring as an important element for the performance. The… Read more

Sopho Toroshelidze assigned as the Georgian voting spokesperson

Sopho Toroshelidze, the Georgian voice who represented the Caucasian republic with Eldrine in Düsseldorf 2011, has been chosen by GPB to be the voting spokesperson of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The Georgian national public broadcaster has announced that the chosen person to announce the voting at the 2012 Eurovision will be Sopho Toroshelidze. Sopho… Read more

Maya Sar Launches the English Version of Korake ti Znam

Maya Sar, the Bosnian hope for the 57th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, has published The Steps I Know, the English version of Korake ti Znam. Korake ti Znam, the entry that will be performed by Maya Sar, and was written by her under her official name, Maja Sarihodžić, has already got an English… Read more

Nina Badrić will perform in Croatian language.

Nina Badrić, the Croatian representative for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, has decided that she will sing in her native language.  It is official that the Balkan republic will be represented with Nebo, a song performed completely in Croatian language. Nina Badrić announced her decision on her Twitter account, adding that the promotional video clip of Nebo… Read more

Kaliopi presents her song for Baku

Days after the Slovenian song’s selection, it is time for FYR Macedonia. Crno i belo is the chosen song to represent the Balkan state in Baku’s Crystall Hall. Kaliopi will perform her entry at the second semi-final on 24th of May. Düsseldorf 2011 was not an experience to remember for FYR Macedonian fans because the Balkan… Read more

Italy confirm its participation at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest

The two times Eurovision Song Contest winning country, will take part at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. The singer and the entry could be chosen at the San Remo Song Festival leaving the Italian representative to be officially known on the 18th of February. It is confirmed that the transalpine country is planning their participation… Read more

Nina Badrić to represent Croatia at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest

Hrvatska radiotelevizija have put their faith in Nina Badrić. Thereby she becomes the fifth Balkan participants to be chosen internally this year. The Croatian Eurovision Song Contest entry will be presented at the second show of Dora to take place in March. Hrvatska Radiotelevizija, the Croatian public broadcasting system has confirmed that Nina Badrić will… Read more

Ivi Adamou Will Present her Proposals for Baku on January 6th

CYBC has announced the three candidate songs that will compete for being chosen as the Cypriot entry for the 57th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Baku. La La Love, Call the Police and You Don’t Belong Here are the songs which will compete to represent the Mediterranean island. CyBC… Read more

Hrvatska RadioTelevizija Announces that Croatia will Participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012

The Croatian broadcaster, HRT, has confirmed that the Balkan country will participate in Baku, although HRT still did not announce how the Croatian representative will be chosen. Hrvatska RadioTelevizija has informed Esctoday that the Balkan country will join the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 participants list. HRT still did not reveal how the Croatian representative will… Read more