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Die Grosse Entscheidungs Show 2013: Get to know the Swiss finalists

Switzerland again has its national final for a Eurovision Song Contest in December.  In this article we meet the nine lucky finalists who want that golden ticket to Malmö The three TV companies broadcasting to the French, German and Italian communities chose nine entries between them.  In performance order, they are:  Ally  – Catch me… Read more

Eurovision star appears in new Spice Girls musical Viva Forever!

A new musical has opened in London’s West End based on the music of the Spice Girls.  And starring in the show is none other than Sally Ann Triplett, participant in the 1982 Eurovision Song Contest for the United Kingdom The Spice Girls were often touted as potential Eurovision participants, due to their wide appeal… Read more

Slovakia withdraws from the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest

A further country has announced its withdrawal from the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.  Slovakia has decided not to participate. Slovak nation broadcaster RTVS has announced that it is taking a break from the Eurovision Song Contest. In a brief statement, RTVS said that it would be investing in domestic projects during 2013.  This means… Read more

Malta reveals national finalists

With rumours of certain countries pulling out of the contest in Malmö, Malta will most definitely be there.  Tonight broadcaster TVM/PBS revealed the 24 songs that will compete in the national semi-final and final, to be held at Ta’ Qali on 1 and 2 February. In a glittering ceremony in the national broadcasting centre on… Read more

Poland and Portugal withdraw from Eurovision 2013

Two countries have announced their withdrawal from participating in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.  Poland and Portugal both cite finances as the reason. We are now a little closer to knowing the full list of participating countries in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.  Two countries have now formally confirmed their withdrawal.… Read more

Switzerland reveals its remaining national finalists for Kreuzlingen

Switzerland’s German-language TV station SFTV has revealed its four entrants for the national final in Kreuzlingen on 15 December.  Some big names were competing for these spots.  Did any of them make it? Over 170 songs were submitted to SF TV in a competition open to all writers and performers.  Using the internet as a… Read more

Switzerland chooses three more national finalists

Switzerland’s French broadcaster RTS has become the second TV station to nominate songs for the chance to represent their country at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. After Switzerland’s Italian broadcaster RSI chose two songs in a public selection broadcast on radio in October, the French-speaking portion of the country has now chosen three… Read more

Ireland announces its first plans for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest

Irish broadcaster Raidio Telefís Éireann aims to be back at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, and has announced how it intends to go about seeking an eighth victory. Ireland has decided to move on from Jedward, but RTÉ is keeping a similar format adopted for the last few years due to the modest success… Read more

Interview: Compact Disco’s Gábor Pál

Eurovisionary was recently in Budapest and managed to catch up with Compact Disco’s keyboardist Gábor Pál in one of the city’s many coffee houses.  Gábor told us about touring, Depeche Mode and Australia’s fascination with the band. EV: Gábor, remind us how you got involved with A Dal, Hungary’s selection shows for the 2012 Eurovision… Read more

Switzerland selects its first two national finalists

The Swiss broadcaster got its country’s Eurovision bandwagon underway by being the first to choose its representatives for the national final on 15 December.  After successfully selecting Sinplus for the 2012 Contest, do the Swiss Italians know what Europe might like in Malmö next May? As reported previously on Eurovisionary, Switzerland’s Italian language broadcaster RSI would… Read more

Swiss Italians reveal hopefuls for Kreuzlingen

Switzerland has taken a step nearer to Malmö with Italian-language broadcaster RSI revealing the finalists for its semi-final.  Two lucky songs will carry the hopes of the Italian speaking part of the Swiss population at Die Grosse Entscheidungs Show on the shores of Bodensee on 15 December. Switzerland’s three main broadcasters often take different approaches to selecting… Read more

Eurovision stars appear in BBC Masterchef

BBC features former UK Eurovision entrants in the latest series of Celebrity Masterchef.  Cheryl Baker and Javine Hylton will pit their culinary skills against 14 other celebrities.  Will they be up to the challenge in the heat of the kitchen? The successful BBC show Celebrity Masterchef starts again and features two former UK Eurovision entrants.… Read more

Press Conference of the qualifiers from the first semi-final

The ten qualifiers from the first semi-final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest had their winners’ press conference after the show.  They told us a little about their experience so far and found out their all important places in the draw. Our ten lucky finalists had a press conference tonight/this morning and told us what… Read more

Pastora stays with a winning formula for her second rehearsal

Pastora Soler had an excellent rehearsal this afternoon in front of a huge amount of press.  They were all behind her in spirit and she did not disappoint them This afternoon we saw what is a seriously strong contender for winning the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.  Spain has been so near yet so far many… Read more

Gallery: Eurovision Song Contest Opening Party Red Carpet

These pictures were taken at the gala opening ceremony for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. All of the acts were in their best outfits for this annual tradition of walking down the red carpet to attend this official event.  Hundreds of well-wishers were there to see their favourite acts pose for photographs.  This is a… Read more

Nina Badric put in a heavenly rehearsal

Nina Badric a popular star in the Balkans.  But can she win over the rest of Europe with her power ballad? On stage for the second time today was Nina Badric.  A major star in parts of Europe, she gave a solid rehearsal today in the outfit she will be wearing next Thursday.  This was… Read more

The belief is still there for Eva Boto

Day seven of rehearsals began and saw the young Eva Boto on stage at the Crystal Hall.  Her first rehearsal several days ago was a success.  Would she be able to maintain the high standard? Eva Boto continues to put in a confident and assured display today so a place in the final is highly likely. She… Read more

Will Thursday night be the night for Malta to succeed in Eurovision?

This is the night, sings Kurt Calleja.  Next Thursday could well be the night for him to win the hearts of Europe and earn a place in the Eurovision Grand Final. Malta rehearsed again today in preparation for the semi-final next Thursday.  There were a few technical problems but Kurt Calleja still managed to get… Read more

How looks that rehearsal? Pretty good.

Pasha Parfeny and his five ladies were back on stage today, rehearsing for the final time before the dress rehearsals next week.  His time on stage was used wisely and this looked very confident. Not much has changed here since the last rehearsal.  Pasha still moves around the stage usually followed by the five girls… Read more

Rehearsals become a party for everybody when the Babushki are on stage

A large amount of press were in the Hall today to watch the Buranovskiye Babushki rehearse for a second time.  We were rewarded with a very steady performance. Russia’s first rehearsal went very well, and their second was also without hitches.  They were even able to run through the song four times during their 30… Read more

Denmark know better as they make some changes to the performance

The final rehearsal today was Denmark’s.  Some change had been made to the stage show from the one we saw several days ago.  And it has improved. Soluna and her support performers had been moved closer together for ths rehearsal.  It gives the staging a better atmosphere as we can see how they interact far… Read more

Izabo use their rehearsal time wisely at the Crystal Hall

After the technical issues plaguing the first rehearsal on Monday, Izabo were hoping that things would run smoother today.  Would they get the wish? The short answer is yes.  Izabo managed four run throughs of their song and they all went very well.  You could tell the band were enjoying themselves more this time.  They… Read more

Switzerland continues to follow its wildest dream of Eurovision success

Switzerland’s young duo Sinplus came back to the Arena today for a second rehearsal.  A large amount of Swiss journalists were willing this on to be good and they were not disappointed. Sinplus continue to sing this song consistently well.  They have struck a good balance, using the stage to its best effect.  The catwalks are there… Read more

We’re thinking about Greece qualifying all the time

Eleftheria Eleftheriou was back on stage today, hoping to put the vocal problems from Sunday firmly behind her.  What would her second rehearsal tell us? The first thing we noticed about the stage performance was the slickness of the choreography.  It was faultless every time.  And it had a definite Greek slant to it. We also saw… Read more