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First six finalists from Romania

Yesterday Romania chose the first six finalists from the first Semifinal. They will be joined by another six in the final that takes place on Saturday. The big favourite to win, Tina, got through to the final without any problems. Yesterday was the first national semifinal in Romania held, a semifinal which involved a total… Read more

Moldova Ready for National Selection of Eurovision 2009

A jury consisting of 9 members selected 20 of the 38 songs submitted to compete in the National Final of Moldova for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. Among those selected are performers who have tried to reach the Eurovision Song Contest in the past; Natalia Gordienko (who participated with Arsenium in 2006 in Athens), Alexa… Read more

Tina: “I think I have had a lot of luck professionally”

Tina recieved the highest points from the Romanian jury with her song Pleaca, and is therefore favourite to represent Romania at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. EuroVisionary talked to her about her song and the upcoming national final.  Tina (Ecaterina Geru) is 23 years old and is formerly a member of the band Pops. She… Read more

Romania Ready for National Selection

Yesterday, the jury appointed by the Romanian Broadcaster (TVR) selected 24 songs from 214 songs submitted to compete in a semi final. As expected Nico from represented the country at last year’s Eurovision Song Contest is back to try again.     These 24 songs will compete in 2 semifinals which will be held on… Read more

Romania Will Choose Today the 24 Songs for the National Selection

Today, Romania will choose 24 songs from 168 received for their national selection. The jury will meet today to select the 24 semi finalists that will compete for the honour to represent Romania at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Nico is expected to be among the participants. After TVR extended the deadline for entering songs… Read more

Romania in a difficult situation

The deadline to submit songs for the 2009 Romanian national final has expired. Now a jury should select 24 acts that will compete to represent the country in Moscow. There is just one problem though as how do one choose 24 songs if only 5 was received? We are so close to the 2009 Romanian… Read more

Luminita Anghel – “Let me try”… to be a politician

Luminita Anghel , the Romanian representative at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest has decided to start her political career in Romania. Some weeks ago, Luminita Anghel made public her intention to run for the Romanian Parliament. She is currently running a large campaign for office backed by her political party, the PSD (Social Democrat Party). Luminita Anghel studied at the Popular Art School, in the school… Read more

Mihai Traistariu: All the countries made arrangement with their votes

Mihai Traistariu, who represented Romania at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Tornero" has talked to EuroVisionary about what we can expect from his come back and the Contest in general. He also talks about his doubts about an honest jury. Hello Mihai. My name is Istrati Ciprian from, and I would… Read more

Nico and Vlad sing Romanian boxing anthem

Nico and Vlad Mirita, the Romanian representatives at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest sung the Romanian Anthem for the Professional Boxing Gala (WBC) in Bucharest (Romanian Capital). Nico and Vlad Mirita have accepted the invitation from the Romanian Boxing Federation to sing the Romanian anthem for the big final of the WBC Gala. Yesterday, 19th April they had sung the… Read more

Nico and Vlad Mirita back from Moldova and Ukraine

Nico and Vlad Mirita have finished their promo tour in Moldova and Ukraine. Nico and Vlad Mirita, the Romanian representatives at Eurovision 2008 were in Moldova and Ukraine to promote their song "Pe o margine de lume" from 13th April until  17th April.  On the first day, they were in Chisinau (Moldovan capital) to guest on the TV show,… Read more

Kalomira Promo Tour – Now in Romania

Kalomira will represent Greece at Eurovision with ‘Secret Combination’. She has just started her promo tour which is now in Romania. The beautiful Greek singer is now in Romania at the invitation of broadcaster TVR. She will take part in some Romanian shows such as: Teo, live on PRIMA TV channel, Tonomatul DP2 ON TVR2 channel, O data-n viata on… Read more

Vlad Mirita in duet with Sarah Brightman

Vlad Mirita, one of the Romanian representative at Eurovision 2008 will sing a song in duet with the popular soprano Sarah Brightamn. The song will be included on Sarah Brightman’s new album, in a special edition for the Eastern European countries.  The song "I’ll be with you" will be ready at the end of this month… Read more

Nico & Vlad record their video

Nico and Vlad Mirita, the Romanian representatives at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest recorded their video for "Pe o margine de lume" on the Black Sea Beach in NAVODARI city. The video was made by Petre Nastase.  The story is about two people, a couple that they are in love, they are searching but they can’t ever meet, like the… Read more

Romanian press shows no mercy towards Nico and Vlad

The Romanian press is having a hard time accepting Nico and Vlad Mirita and their winning song Pe o margine de lume. The newspapers are still full of accusations of fraud, plagiarism and ugly words not worth repeating. Right after Romania decided upon the winners of the 2008 National Selection, the press launched a massive… Read more

Nico and Vlad Mirita guest at Greece NF

Nico and Vlad Mirita won the Romanian Eurovision Selection on Saturday. They have been invited to take part in the Greece Selection as a special guests. After Nico and Vlad Mirita had received the results of jury and they knew that they were the winners, the first prize for them was an invitation to the Greece Final, as special… Read more

Romania chose “Pe o margine de lume” by Nico & Vlad Mirita

The Romanian National Final has ended and Nico & Vlad Mirita will be representing the country at the 2008 Eurovision Song contest in Belgrade. During 2 hours 12 songs were fighting for the big prize: A trip to Belgrade. It was a hard competition where everyone tried to impress the audience and the jury, but only one would have the oppertunity to represent Romania in Belgrade –… Read more

More changes in Romanian Eurovision Final

The song ‘Follow me’ cannot be replaced by ‘Zamira’. The band, New Effect, who sing this song declined the invitation because they have concerts on the same date as the Romanian Final (23rd Feb) After the band VH2 said that they wanted to withdraw from the final because a Romanian composer said that the song… Read more

2 songs out of Romanian Final

With the Romanian final due to be held this coming Staurday there is a change in the line-up. Two of the songs that were due to take part have been withdrawn from the competition.  Catalin Josan was the only contestant from Romania’s National Selection that qualified with two songs for the final (‘Run away’ and ‘When we’re together’… Read more

6 more qualify for Romanian final

Romania selected the last 6 qualifiers for the national final that will take place on 23th of February. In an exceptional show , the Romanians could vote their favorites along with the 12 members of jury (different from the first semifinal). Viewers were treated to a really good show with very good songs, like Romania… Read more

Second Romanian semifinal tonight

Tonight the second semifinal of Selectia Nationala takes place. In a 3 hours show there will be a wide variety of music, such as rock, ballad, country and traditional music with Balkan and latino influences. The second semifinal of the Romanian selection, Selectia Nationala, is getting closer, it will take place tonight at 20:10 (ocal time) and there will be 12… Read more