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Finland 2nd Heat, 12 finalists, Four Qualifiers, Two Eliminated

Tonight, 12 finalists will sung live for judges without public. Finland is deciding, little by little, who’s going to represent the country in Baku. Of the six acts and songs, four qualified and two finished their journey Five judges decided which songs continued another week, that’s like an intimate show case where the artists only… Read more

“Good News” from Natasha St-Pier – New Album on the Way

Natasha St-Pier, who represented France at the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest, is back with a brand new album titled "Bonne Nouvelle", which literally means Good News. At the age of 30, the young lady, Natasha St-Pier, is offering us a brand new album. This one is due to her meeting with the singer, composer and… Read more

Anne-Marie David Interview Part 1: I have a soft spot for Daniel Diges

Anne-Marie David is re-releasing her 1973 Eurovision Song Contest Victory, Tu Te Reconnaîtras, for Luxemburg. EuroVisionary used that oppertunity to catch up with her for an hour long interview where she talked about also releasing a French version of two Eurovision Song Contest entries from 2010; the Spanish and the Israeli.    Our new French journalist was… Read more