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Eurovision 2017: Italy’s Francesco Gabbani in focus

Italy conquered the 6th place with the song ‘Occidentali’s Karma’ at Eurovision 2017, obtaining a total of 334 points. What happened to this song by Francesco Gabbani, that was predicted as the winner for so long and, at the end, only got the 6th place? We will find out what the fans think about it. Read more

Eurovision 2017: Bulgaria’s Kristian Kostov in focus

In 2017, Bulgaria finished in second place with a song entirely sung in English, ‘Beautiful Mess’, by Kristian Kostov. At the time, this song was performed by a young man (just 17 years old) of Bulgarian-Russian nationality, that won over the younger audience across Europe. Eurovision fans are quite mixed about it though. Read more

Eurovision 2006: Finland’s Lordi in focus

Finland won Eurovision in 2016 in Greece with the song ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ by the heavy metal band Lordi. Many agreed, many disagreed. The truth is that this victory was controversial, as Eurovision was never before, as many fans claim, the stage for scary monsters with latex troll masks. Read more

Eurovision 1996: Portugal’s Lúcia Moniz in focus

Portugal achieved the 6th place in 1996 with a 19-year-old singer Lúcia Moniz. This was the best position ranked by this country, following the victory of Salvador Sobral in 2017. Today, 25 years later, we are analysing the folklore song ‘O Meu Coração Não Tem Cor’ (My Heart Has No Colour) asking Eurovision for their… Read more