2014: Pollapönk - No Prejudice

Pollapönk describe themselves as a band for everyone; for men and women, for kids with wild hair and balding men! The band was formed in 2006 and have three albums to their name. Their self titled debut appeared that same year and was the graduation project of Heiðar Arnar Kristjánsson and Harald F. Gíslason from the Iceland University of Education. Their efforts became an instant hit with both kids and adults alike. The two were joined shortly afterwards by two other members, Arnar Gíslason and Guðni Finnsson, who have performed in the bands Dr. Spock and Ensími. The foursome has released two subsequent albums: Meira Pollapönk in 2010 and Aðeins Meira Pollapönk in 2011. Heiðar og Haraldur first performed together in a band many moons ago, but didn’t exactly hit the big time. Many of their songs have received extensive airplay in their native Iceland and some of their songs such as Leyniskápurinn (The secret cupboard) and Þór og Jón eru hjón (Þór & Jón are married) and have gotten tens of thousands of hits on Youtube.

Participant Profile

In the semi final