2013: Dorians - Lonely Planet

In Dorians the Armenian have picked their most popular rock band to represent them at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. The band consist of the five guys Gor Sujyan as the lead singer, Gagik Khodavirdi on lead guitar, Edgar Sahakyan on bass guitar, Arman Pahlevanyan as the keyboard player and finally Arman Jalalyan on drums.

The lead singer Gor Sujyan has no proper training within music. He heard Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven and felt so inspired that he just jumped right into it. His father however is a well-known jazz musician and guitar player; Mkrtich Sujyan. It turned out Gor had the talent as well as ever since it has been going one way for him in the music industry; up!

Gor met the other guys and 2008 and together they created the band Gor And Friends, which functioned as a Led Zeppelin cover band. After just six months they decided to play their own music as well – and as a new start – they also renamed the band to Dorians. Their songs are mainly in English, but from time to time they throw themselves into the local language, with big success. 

The Eurovision Song Contest stage isn’t unfamiliar for Gor as he was backing vocalist for Eva Rivas when she sang Apricot Stone to a 7th place at the 2010 contest. 

Participant Profile

In the semi final